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Hi, I'm Torsten. I can offer you the Scotland holiday you want! All my tours are custom-tailored to your needs and wants. No matter if you'd like to relax with a glass of Highland Malt Whisky and enjoy the beauty of the scottish countryside or have a week of adventure and staying in a tipi or anything in between. Just give me a ring at 44 134 3850540 or shoot me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'm sure I can offer you the perfect holiday.

I have a Dream...

My ultimate dream for the future is to create a wonderful and relaxing place which fits harmoniously into nature and offers an ideal base for international visitors to experience Scotland differently.

Accomodation will be diverse, ranging from the comfort of a cottage, traditional cultural shelters eg. Teepee, Yurt etc., your own tent or even creating your own hut.

My Background.

I grew up behind the Iron Curtain where I both witnessed and experienced many injustices. With the help of Amnesty International I managed to change over to the more colourful side of the wall. With my new found freedom I travelled extensively to many different countries, making numerous friends along the way.

In 1989 I became a father and moved with my family to Scotland where I have raised two wonderful children. Together we explored and discovered this beautiful country. Over the years we have enjoyed many outdoor activities including, camping, walking, mountain biking, kayaking, snowboarding and many more.

I have worked with both physically and mentally challenged young people and adults and through this experience have discovered some of the best places and instructors for a wide range of outdoor activities across the North of Scotland.

I am living in a lovely traditional farm cottage situated in the countryside between Elgin and Forres,close to the Findhorn Foundation. I drive a 9 seater minibus and am also the proud owner of a Teepee and 2 Canadian canoes.

About My Tours

Moray is known as the Algarve of Scotland and offers tremendously varied scenery from majestic mountains to the sea.

Using a nine seater minibus (which can take up to eight passengers), my tours are at present day trips from Moray and cover all major aspects of Scotland. I anticipate being able to do more specialised activity, adventure and tailor made holidays to suit your desires.

I can collect you from all scottish airports.

What I am offering, that is different, is personal knowledge and contacts. I am really a facilitator for your experience: A tour guide and not a tour operator. I am happy to give advice and information, on your behalf, for arrangements with accommodation and transport if you so wish.
My tours are inclusive of my services and fuel costs only. Any extra costs, food, entrance fees and accommodation are not included. All accommodation (ranging from a tent to a castle) must be booked in advance by the customer.(links provided) The individual tours are a whole day under my guidance and I can sort transport and itineraries as required. I am still developing the business and am flexible as to what people want.

For example: for a party of up to eight people I can offer my own transport, but for larger parties and personal preferences separate vehicles need to be booked (for a sports car to a bigger minibus). I can pick up any vehicle booked and deliver it at the customers convenience and would offer myself as a driver.
My tours are designed to be diverse and flexible so that if you wish you can sleep in a tent and drive a Porsche or whichever combination of accommodation/transport you desire. The aim is to suit everyone’s wallet! There is even a bodyguard for hire if you require one!

Whatever your choices, I intend to take you to see and experience some magical places that are very special to me and will not be included in the usual tourist trip around Scotland.

I am almost certain that you will find the experiences and scenery you encounter, awe inspiring and that they leave you with wonderful memories of Scotland at its very best.

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